Kakeru Ode is an experienced orthoptist with over 8 years in the field. He holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Orthoptics from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, and a Master of Medical Science (Vision and Strabismus) from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Throughout his training, Mr Ode has had the opportunity to work and train in Singapore, Australia, and Japan. He has a strong passion for presenting and sharing his knowledge, as evidenced by his active participation in local and international conferences, as well as public talks. Mr Ode’s current interests are in enhancing clinical efficiency, advancing orthoptic knowledge, and advocating for the orthoptic profession in Singapore.

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Friday, 09 June 2023
Hall B, Level 4, Suntec
12:01 - 12:08hrs
(S7) HOLISTIC EYE CARE - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Part 1) (11:00 – 12:30hrs)
Am I Seeing Shadow or Double?