Jessie Tan graduated from the School of Nursing as a Staff Nurse in 1986.

 She had over 20 years of nursing experience in a private specialist clinic where she performs perioperative duties as well as administrative duties for the doctor-in-charge.

She joined SNEC in 2019 as staff in the Listing Department (Financial Counselling), helping to liaise surgery schedules for patients.

In 2020, Ms Tan was converted to a Staff Nurse at Pre-Surgery Services (Nursing), where she started to perform nursing duties in various areas from pre and post telecare services, preoperative counseling, and also liaising with the Pre Admission Centre of Singapore General Hospital for patients who will be under general anesthesia. She was promoted to Senior Staff Nurse in 2021.

Under the Hand Hygiene team, she does internal audit across the center. She also actively participates in several projects under Kaizen, such as creating a better view of work schedules for her colleagues and improving work flow pre and post ECG routine.

Ms Tan is a member of the VoiceBot project, which had recently won an award for the Singhealth Duke NUS Quality and Innovation Day 2023.

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Friday, 09 June 2023
Hall B, Level 4, Suntec
11:21 - 11:28hrs
(S7) HOLISTIC EYE CARE - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Part 1) (11:00 – 12:30hrs)
Pre-surgery Counselling - What Do We Do?