Myoung Joon KIM

Dr. Myoung Joon Kim is a founder and surgeon at Renew Seoul Eye Center, specializing in cataract and refractive surgery. He is passionate about physiological optics, new technologies, and innovation. He has served as faculty ophthalmologist at Asan Medical Center, Seoul, for over 10 years, teaching residents and fellows. He has been awarded numerous

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Joon Young HYON

Prof. Joon Young Hyon is professor of Seoul National University Medicine and the Chief of Department of Ophthalmology at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. He specializes in corneal disorder, cataract, and refractive surgery. He performs corneal transplantation and other ocular surface reconstruction surgeries. As a renowned cataract surgeon, he also specializes in the surgical

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Dr Jin Wook Jeoung is a Professor of Ophthalmology, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea. He is a Director of Scientific Program of the Korean Glaucoma Society. He served as a Secretary General of the Korean Glaucoma Society. He also served as a committee member of Asia-Pacific

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Jaewan CHOI

Jaewan Choi is Co-founding Partner and Director of Glaucoma Service at the Central Seoul Eye Center (CSEC) in Seoul, South Korea. He received his MD from the Seoul National University and completed his residency and glaucoma fellowship at the Asan Medical Center. He has served as the CEO and Director of Glaucoma Service since

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Hungwon TCHAH

Prof. Hungwon Tchah, Professor at the University of Ulsan Department of Ophthalmology, is a recognized leader in corneal, cataract, refractive, and laser surgery. He has been at the forefront of ophthalmology’s evolutionary changes throughout his career as a researcher, educator, lecturer and acclaimed physician and surgeon. Prof. Tchah served as President (2009-2011) and General Secretary

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Chul Young CHOI

Prof. Chul Young Choi is a professor of ophthalmology at Sungkyunkwan University and the director of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, majoring in cornea and optics. He obtained his doctorate degree on vitreous dynamics imaging study in 2011, and worked as a research professor at the David Apple Lab of Heidelberg University in Germany from 2014

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